Advantages of having a Butler or a Household Manager

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February 27, 2021
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“A butler is for rich houses!”, this is not true anymore. Today a butler is someone who is capable of maintaining the house and also looking after day-to-day affairs.

With the evolving responsibilities a butler may also be referred to as a Household Manager or an Estate Manager. A butler/household manager is capable of much more than just keeping a check on the housing staff.

A butler can bring about a calm and composed aura in your house, as they can simply juggle with daily chores and responsibilities, keeping your hands free of tasks.

There are several advantages of having a butler or a household manager, depending upon the roles you assign them.

1. They help you run the house within a fair budget.
2. Timely payment of bills.
3. Hands on with repairs and maintenance of the house.
4. Overseeing household staff.
5. Booking appointments for your family.
6. Managing inventories for the kitchen, wardrobe, daily essentials etc.
7. Hiring, training, managing payroll of housing staff.
8. Managing your travels (booking and reservations, packing, unpacking)
9. Answering phone calls.
10. Greeting guests.
11. Serving of food and drinks, managing wine cellar and silver ware.
12. Arranging social events.
13. Installation and servicing of the security system.
14. Filling in for other staff in their absence.

Apart from the above responsibilities they are also good at taking care of children in your absence.

So, a butler is not just another staff in your household, he/she is an important part of your household. A butler can be like a swiss knife in your household. A butler who ideally works for around 60 hours a week can fill in places for you, giving enough time for yourself.

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