The Royal Indian Butlers (R.I.B) Academy for Butlers and Household Managers is located in India and is associated with the world renowned Guild of Professional English Butlers (G.O.P.E.B), London, UK an organization that has been providing discerning solutions to the luxury residential and hospitality markets since more than a decade. The curricular mandate of the academy’s program is to turn out skilled butler professionals who meet the service demands of this Century.
That's not all ...

Our Courses include:

  • Butler Service Foundation Certification Course (Direct Job Placement)

  • Butler Service Foundation Certification Course (Industrial Training)

  • Financial Matters

  • Training Courses for Various Departments

We will have two (2) weeks training session, the training modules is a perfect blend of theoretical and practical sessions. We will have theoretical and practical exams at the end of this training. Those successful candidates will be certified by the Royal Indian Butlers affiliated to the Guild of Professional English Butlers. The candidates will receive two years of membership. Members of our institute curriculum vitae will be put forth to all our clients in these two years constantly who are in requirement of butlers. The client will have an interview with the candidate’s directly on telephone or in person. Those selected candidates will receive the job offer and will be directed to the client’s human resources department to process for necessary joining documentation etc.


Candidates are required to successfully complete their work of minimum two years with the company .This will allow them to automatically get endorsed to become associate membership with Royal Indian Butlers which will enhance their career developments and prospects in the Butler Service industry. This associate membership certification will be issued at the discretion of the senior management of Royal Indian Butlers.
Butler trainees will undergo an extensive Butler service training for two weeks with R.I.B/G.O.P.E.B training module and successful trainees will be certified by R.I.B /G.O.P.E.B which is recognized worldwide for its highest service levels. Majority of the certified butlers will be sent to hotels for 6 months on the job training.

Advantage for Hotels

  • Certified butler trainees by R.I.B and world renowned G.O.P.E.B.
  • Guilds of Professional English Butlers and Royal Indian Butlers have trained many top luxury hotels, resorts, royal household and Cruise ships. Having set up and trained many butler departments the Guild is proficient in rendering professional input on many of the systems, procedures and standards employed by these hotels to achieve the highest level of service and guest satisfaction.
  • Only trainees who successfully complete this training will be sent for training placement. We approve only the most qualified individuals, screening each participant for maturity, motivation, and English fluency. Before accepting a candidate into our program, we conduct a thorough interview, verify references.
  • Trainee’s minimum qualification will be a Degree/Diploma in hotel /hospitality management.
  • Consistency in quality of trainees and availability.
  • Trainees can be hired by the company after the completion of their 6 month training with a nominal charge
  • Effective marketing element
  • Trainees can also be trained with Company S.O.P and Menu’s (conditions apply)
  • An effective way to attract and recruit staff During a period of unprecedented demand and competition for skilled labor, employers are now viewing apprenticeships and traineeships as an integral component of their workforce recruitment strategy. Employers train the person within their work environment in areas where skills are required.
  • A catalyst for rethinking systems and processes Employers have reported that training an apprentice or trainee often encourages staff to rethink and challenge existing work practices. Productivity improvements can be an unexpected consequence of employing an apprentice or trainee.
  • Employer satisfaction Employers and supervisors often experience a great deal of satisfaction during the process as they help apprentices and trainees mould new skills and gain confidence in a work environment.

Advantage for Trainees

  • Enhanced training
  • Acquisition of new skills
  • Trainee is exposed to every aspect of hospitality and Butler services.
  • Training course conducted by accomplished Butler Service trainers
  • Greater chance of on the job training (6 months) placements internationally.

    Hotel costs

  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Stipend $ (based on mutual agreement)
  • Training completion certificate from the Hotel

    Trainee costs

  • Flight & visa charges will be borne by Trainees
  • Course Certification fee
  • Hotel/Resort Butler
  • Cruise Ship Butler
  • Household Butlers
  • Personal Concierges
  • Room Service/ Insuite Dining
  • Food and Beverage Service
  • House Keeping
  • Guest Relations
  • Front Office

R.I.B delivers world class butler training to:

Individuals and hotels who wish to employ the services of a butler.
Cruise ship Butlers - R.I.B sets up and builds a cabin similar to the one onboard with all the amenities and trains the employee with this replica cabin room.
Individuals who want to start a new career as Professional Butlers / household Managers and Personal Assistants.
Already trained butlers who are looking for better career prospects at an international level.
Get the coveted R.I.B/G.O.P.E.B Certification on successful completion of the training.

A whole new class of butlers from RIB