Butler Employment and Recruitment:

The Royal Indian Butlers (R.I.B) and Guild of Professional English Butlers (G.O.PE.B) have trained with many of the top Luxury hospitality companies, Cruise ships and Private Yachts.

Many G.O.P.E.B members are placed in Butler Management positions around the world. These managers are well connected with our company and provide international employment opportunities for successful candidates. They are well recognized around the world for providing highest level of service in ultra luxury markets. Once you have successfully completed the course and sometimes even during the course, employment become available. Our responsibility is to place the correct Butler with our Clients, We believe in mutual satisfaction when we place our butlers, we cater for our clients' needs as well as our butlers' needs, and our own.

We call this the “Winsome Threesome” process. Our relationships with our clients are founded on trust, loyalty and exceptional professionalism with integrity. The R. I. B Recruitment service offers a wide variety of exceptional services to our clients which keeps the Academy and the Guild to be the leaders in Private and Commercial employment. We believe that Word of Mouth is the best form of Publicity and our success stories are all around the globe .At Royal Indian Butlers it’s a family affair as we believe in long lasting associations that are deeply rooted on principled foundations that spell Success. Staff who successfully complete the training and are certified by the R.I.B and G.O.P.E.B...can also apply for Associate membership of R.I.B/G.O.P.E.B a forum to contribute and exchange professional updates. We are looking forward to training you.

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Indian hospitality is legendary

The maxim of hospitality in India has crossed generations and is not only learned but truly believed by each individual. The Sanskrit saying, "Atithi Devo Bhava," or "the guest is truly your god," dictates the respect granted to guests in India each one is treated with the utmost consideration and each Indian extends more than his hand to a visitor.
  • Hospitality value across India95%

The warmth of Indian hospitality is a direct reflection of the warmth of Indian people

Beyond an outstretched hand and warm words, home-cooked meals, wonderful lodging, and interesting conversation are always offered to visitors. They feel honoured if they share their time, especially meals, with guests. Indian people always put their guests before themselves and offer the best of what they have.
  • Delicacy value of meals served across India90%


Employment Opportunities

RIB ensures maximum opportunities for Trained Butlers in the best of Hotels/Cruises across the world!


Growth in the Industry

There are ample sectors for productive growth in career, since RIB is associated with various departments in the finest of luxury hotels!